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I feel very fortunate to have a pet and walking paths near by. During this epidemic, while we are practicing social distancing and self-isolating, I would think it's important to still get outside. Fresh air and a little exercise always seems do me some good, and having George not only suggests we should be taking some strolls outside, but demands we pop outside at least three times a day. Like I said, we are very fortunate to have walking paths by our place, and with spring finally warming things up, George and I were able to partake in a longer walk than what our long winter has allowed us. Of course, with the melting of snow, there comes some flooding. George and I were forced to take a different route today for I did not come equipped with rubber boots and George is a little shy when it comes to water. In the end, things worked out really well for we were able to discover new paths and walk on bridges we haven't crossed before. Also, on the note of coming acros

Nachos, Scrabble & Paint

Social distancing and self-isolation can lead an individual to indulging in some serious screen bingeing. While Nigel and I have been having a couple nacho infused Netflix nights, we both agree that limiting our time with the TV is important while cooped up in the house. Of course there are our daily workouts, and we have been using the sauna quite a bit, but we have also invested in a few boardgames. I was hesitant when Nigel suggested the idea, for how long can boardgames truly entertain two people... but I stand corrected! Growing up I always thought boardgames were bored games , games  that a participant would quickly become bored with while playing. I always seemed to request putting on a movie or another form of entertainment while playing boardgames with friends when I was young. I am happy to inform that our investments are serving us well, and I highly recommend ordering or dusting off a few to keep your households entertained. I have also been working sometimes in the e

Current Inspirations

Two days in a row! Not bad... I thought maybe it would be important to clarify that you should not expect yourself to perform at 100% every single morning. It is important to listen to your body. Some days you may not feel like doing a workout and you may want to take it a little more easy. I didn't have the best sleep last night and I woke up with a warning headache. I do get migraines so when I have the beginning of a headache, I throw back some Advil and try to stay relaxed. Making the bed is essential because I don't like to be guilted by laziness at the end of the day. Our home actually came with a sauna (a very happy surprise), so Nigel and I hopped in there to start our day. Plus, a sauna mixed with a couple Advil tends to kick some serious headache behind. Then, we have the hearty breakfast with vitamins. I don't usually take vitamins but we are both on our guard with the spread of COVID-19. There are a few factors inspiring my current work. I was lucky e


Hello again! It has been a while... and many things have happened. My fiancé and I bought a house, I finished my third degree, and... seems an epidemic has taken hold of our world. It is an extremely surreal and scary time we are living in. Some days are harder than others, and while we are all hopefully practicing strong social distancing, self isolation, and washing those hands, it is important to stay positive and live our lives to the fullest. I'm no expert, but what keeps me from curling up in a ball for the entire day is starting my morning off with exercise and a hearty breakfast. Starting my morning off right sets a momentum for the rest of the day and so far it has really been working for me. I'm back in the studio and trying to make the most of my time at home. Also... time allows the appreciation for things that may usually go unnoticed during the normal hustle and busy bustle. For example, I noticed the ambiance created by the morning light through the c