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Greetings from the blue chair.

My name is Joan Graves, and welcome to my blog! I am a practicing artist based in central Alberta, Canada (just between Lacombe and Blackfalds, for those who are familiar). What you may expect when visiting Artist in the Blue Chair, are posts on the process and inspiration behind my works. Throughout my studies and practice, I have gained insight and valuable knowledge of how to understand and construct conceptual meaning through art. In order to set the tone of how one might approach my work, is knowing that I prioritize the use of storytelling and symbolism in order to convey personal messages and experiences. I hope you enjoy! Me: The blue chair and my dog George: Song Choice: Furr - Blitzen Trapper (Thought I would share some music throughout my blog. Music that I find inspiring when creating work, or even the song that is playing while posting the blog. I am always interested in discovering new music, so please do share your own finds by posting a comment, or send