Current Inspirations

Two days in a row! Not bad...

I thought maybe it would be important to clarify that you should not expect yourself to perform at 100% every single morning. It is important to listen to your body. Some days you may not feel like doing a workout and you may want to take it a little more easy. I didn't have the best sleep last night and I woke up with a warning headache. I do get migraines so when I have the beginning of a headache, I throw back some Advil and try to stay relaxed.
Making the bed is essential because I don't like to be guilted by laziness at the end of the day. Our home actually came with a sauna (a very happy surprise), so Nigel and I hopped in there to start our day. Plus, a sauna mixed with a couple Advil tends to kick some serious headache behind. Then, we have the hearty breakfast with vitamins. I don't usually take vitamins but we are both on our guard with the spread of COVID-19.

There are a few factors inspiring my current work. I was lucky enough to have had two amazing holidays this past summer/fall. The first one, Nigel and I went and visited my friends in Vancouver. I always enjoy road trips, especially with my man. Nigel has excellent taste in music and he is very patient when I ask to pull over to shoot some reference photos. Here is one taken just outside of Nelson a couple of summers ago.
The second trip I took in the fall was to Venice, Italy, with my amazing great uncle. Obviously there are many aspects of Venice that inspires a dabbler in the arts... the architecture, food, museums, galleries, music, wine... I was lucky enough to visit a glass factory during my time there and I picked up these little guys as souvenirs. 
Along with this guy that I found in a Venetian mask shop.

With that said, there are many components that are inspiring my current work. Not to mention the experience of living during a time with a spreading epidemic...

I'll finish this post with the first stages of my work thus far.
Song Choice: Dust to Dust - The Civil Wars.