I feel very fortunate to have a pet and walking paths near by. During this epidemic, while we are practicing social distancing and self-isolating, I would think it's important to still get outside. Fresh air and a little exercise always seems do me some good, and having George not only suggests we should be taking some strolls outside, but demands we pop outside at least three times a day.

Like I said, we are very fortunate to have walking paths by our place, and with spring finally warming things up, George and I were able to partake in a longer walk than what our long winter has allowed us.
Of course, with the melting of snow, there comes some flooding. George and I were forced to take a different route today for I did not come equipped with rubber boots and George is a little shy when it comes to water.
In the end, things worked out really well for we were able to discover new paths and walk on bridges we haven't crossed before.
Also, on the note of coming across a female and male mallard during our journey today, I have completed my painting Mallards.
Song Choice: Double Shifts - Charlotte Cardin