Nachos, Scrabble & Paint

Social distancing and self-isolation can lead an individual to indulging in some serious screen bingeing. While Nigel and I have been having a couple nacho infused Netflix nights, we both agree that limiting our time with the TV is important while cooped up in the house. Of course there are our daily workouts, and we have been using the sauna quite a bit, but we have also invested in a few boardgames.
I was hesitant when Nigel suggested the idea, for how long can boardgames truly entertain two people... but I stand corrected! Growing up I always thought boardgames were bored games, games  that a participant would quickly become bored with while playing. I always seemed to request putting on a movie or another form of entertainment while playing boardgames with friends when I was young. I am happy to inform that our investments are serving us well, and I highly recommend ordering or dusting off a few to keep your households entertained.

I have also been working sometimes in the evening. This I suggest doing as a last resort for most folks... I would imagine it could cause burnout. I am fortunate enough to consider my work as my hobby. But even then, I do try and keep my work hours to know more than five hours at a time. The painting I am currently working on is inspired by the colour palette in the image to the left.
I do like to browse Pinterest for colour palette inspirations. Usually I start my browsing/search with an idea in mind, usually a colour palette inspired by a film I recently watched. I just finished watching the HBO series Sharp Objects directed by Jean-Marc Vallée. I had read the book written by Gillian Flynn, and I was curious to see it's adaptation to the screen.
The aesthetic of the series was very unique with moody green tones and built gritty melancholic environments. A recommended read or watch if you enjoy suspenseful murder mysteries.
Song Choice: Thinking of a Place - War on Drugs