This year in the beginning of June, we experienced a late snowfall. Of course, the snow had melted away by suppertime. But before the unexpected weather disappeared, I made sure to go outside and take a few pictures to capture the big flakes falling on our already green grass.
The weather inspired me to paint a more chilly landscape. With a warm chai latte in hand, and trusty old George at my feet, I went diving into my folder searching for reference photos. 
I came across a picture I had taken when I was on my way to work one morning. It was taken in the beginning of January. Before I could cross the railroad tracks into town, I came across three horses that had escaped. Animals getting out of their pens isn't exactly a rare event around my parts. Being that all the neighbours know each other (including their animals), it doesn't take long for the situation to be rectified. So not to worry, the horses were caught and were placed safely back in their pen. While stopped to make sure the horses passed my Jeep safely, I was able to take some quick pictures. 
Song Choice: Three White Horses - Andrew Bird 
(The image did make me think of Andrew Bird's song Three White Horses and, in turn, the fact that I have found someone special to live out the rest of my days with) 

Self serving
Indulging in the idea of
A dark fate
A woman
Who chooses to live life hallow
Pounding of the ground
Kicking up snow
Don't swallow
All those fairytales
Served fast on a plate
But you crept in humble
With tender smiles and loving eyes
A daring surprise 
Love and me
Standing outside the cinema
On the twenty-eighth 
Even rebellious
Enclosed animals
I flung myself in the unknown
Following your lead
You have proven that it is simple
A comfortable design
Not for measure
A founded accomplished complete